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A Wide Range of Orthodontic Solutions Offered by 3M Unitek

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  1. 3M Unitek is an orthodontic industry leader for more than 60 years.
  2. They produced the first stainless-steel brackets, and the first adhesive pre-coated brackets.
  3. A wide range of orthodontic products and systems are offered by 3M Unitek to suit various teeth straightening needs.

What is 3M Unitek?

3M Unitek

3M is a world leader in research, technology, and innovation, coming up with products that have improved the lives of millions of individuals for more than 100 years. The company has been a leading force in the orthodontic industry for over 60 years, producing the first stainless-steel brackets, true self-ligating brackets, color-changing bonding adhesive, and the first adhesive pre-coated brackets.

What are the Various 3M Unitek Orthodontic Products & Systems?

Lingual Appliances – Lingual appliances or lingual braces are placed on the back surface of the teeth, or the portion which is closest to the tongue/palate. This method makes it possible for teeth to be moved into a straighter position in a discreet manner, since the lingual appliances are not visible to others given their hidden location. The Incognito Appliance System, which was launched by 3M Unitek in 2004, is the world’s first fully-customised lingual bracket system. It features fully-customised brackets, bonding trays, and archwires for efficient treatments with highly-predictable teeth straightening results.


SmartClip Self-Ligating Appliance System – Self-ligating braces use a moveable yet permanently installed component to trap the archwire. In the case of 3M Unitek, a hybrid bracket called the SmartClip holds the archwire in place. Unlike conventional dental braces, self-ligating braces do not use elastic bands or ties, and instead use a slide mechanism, reducing the amount of pressure exerted on the teeth during the orthodontic treatment. This 3M Unitek system also improves self-ligating molar brackets for achieving the desired teeth straightening results.

Not everyone is keen on having elastic ties as part of their orthodontic treatment. If you want to straighten your teeth without these ties and bands, ask us now about the various self-ligating systems offered by 3M Unitek

Victory Series Active Self-Ligating Brackets – These self-ligating bracket system features a reliable self-ligating door mechanism, a door that can conveniently be opened and closed, and an intricate base for superior bond strength. The system is created with patient comfort enhancement in mind, as well as higher accuracy for bracket positioning & placement.

Clarity Ceramic Brackets – Clarity ceramic brackets come in three types: Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets, Clarity SL Self-Ligating Appliance System, and Clarity Metal-Reinforced Ceramic Brackets. All of these systems feature:

  • Translucent appearance for better aesthetics
  • Sculptured design for added comfort
  • Superior strength
  • Easy debonding
  • High-quality sliding mechanics

Straighten your teeth discreetly, yet with guaranteed results, using Clarity Ceramic Brackets. Call us now at NKRD to know more about this orthodontic system

Metal Brackets – This line of traditional and self-ligating orthodontic appliances guarantee predictable teeth straightening results and exceptional performance.