Do you have missing teeth? Enjoy a complete, natural-looking smile once more with 3M Lava Zirconia & CEREC Crowns & Bridges at New Kings Road Dental Practice
Confidently Flash Complete Smiles with Crown & Bridge Treatments

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  1. A porcelain crown attached to an implant replaces a single missing tooth
  2. A damaged tooth can also be restored with a crown
  3. Missing teeth gaps are filled out with a dental bridge
  4. 3M Lava Zirconia and CEREC all-ceramic crowns & bridges provide natural-looking, long-lasting cosmetic dentistry solutions

What are Crowns & Bridges?

Gum disease is a very common problem. You may not even be aware that you have a gum problem until it is detected by your dentist, or when the symptoms become very uncomfortable and start bothering you with pain. Knowing the earliest signs of gum disease can help you in fighting back against this problem, so you can seek professional dental help before the condition worsens into something more complicated.

Dental crowns are used to cover a damaged tooth from the base of the gum line to restore its normal form and function. A crown is also used in combination with a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, making a smile complete and healthy-looking after tooth loss.
A dental bridge is a series of teeth replacements that fill in a gap caused by missing teeth. The dental bridge is anchored to natural teeth located on both sides of the tooth loss gap. The bridge can also be attached to dental implants to provide long-lasting solutions to missing teeth problems.

What are 3M Lava Zirconia Crowns & Bridges?

At NKRD, we use 3M Lava Zirconia crowns & bridges to restore the form and function of your smile. These all-ceramic teeth replacements provide high-quality, long-term solutions for patients who are suffering from missing teeth, damaged teeth, or other dental problems that require the restoration of the smile’s proper appearance and function.

These teeth restorations are completely free from metal parts, and clinical studies have shown that there is no risk of allergic reactions to patients who use 3M Lava Zirconia crowns and bridges. Lava Zirconia dental crowns and dental bridges provide high stability and a precise fit for comfortable, long-term use.

We also use CEREC crowns and bridges for aesthetically-pleasing cosmetic dentistry solutions. In fact we do almost every brand for crowns depending on what works best for patient clinically and in terms of cost and affordability.

Worried about a weird-looking smile? 3M Lava Zirconia & CEREC crowns and bridges can be customised to match the natural shade and appearance of the rest of your teeth.

The ceramic material of these dental crowns and dental bridges can be adjusted and customised to perfectly match the shade of the rest of your natural teeth. The teeth replacements feature a life-like translucency that looks just like natural teeth, harmoniously blending with your smile. You can enjoy a natural-looking smile without anyone knowing that you have teeth replacements in place, and without the awkward look of opaque, unnatural appearance of other types of crowns and bridges.

What are the Benefits of 3M Lava Zirconia & CEREC Crowns & Bridges?

  • Natural Aesthetics – The all-ceramic dental crowns and bridges are created to precisely match the shade of the rest of your natural teeth, giving you a smile that is completely natural-looking.
    You don’t have to worry about an unnatural smile with opaque, irregularly-coloured teeth replacements!
  • No Allergic Reactions – Clinical studies have proven that these teeth replacements pose no risks of allergic reactions to patients, making them completely biocompatible.
  • Strength and Stability – CEREC & 3M Lava Zirconia crowns and bridges have superior strength and stability, making them ideal as long-term cosmetic and missing teeth solutions.
  • Comfort – These bridges and crowns are customised for that precise fit needed to make your smile perfectly comfortable and natural-feeling.