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Feeling Miserable with Missing Teeth? Let Implants Bring Back Your Beautiful Smiles

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  1. Missing teeth are commonly caused by gum disease, tooth decay, trauma, and poor oral health.
  2. NKRD is experienced in helping anxious patients get their treatments in a more comfortable manner through nervous patient care options.
  3. Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth roots.
  4. Same Day Teeth implants solve missing teeth problems in just one day.
  5. Dentures stabilised with implants longer-lasting, more comfortable solutions to missing teeth.

What Causes Missing Teeth?

Listed below are some of the most common causes of tooth loss:
Gum Disease – This is the most common cause of missing teeth problems. If left untreated, severe gum disease can eventually affect the underlying bone structure. Once the bone underneath is compromised, the teeth can fall out on their own, or may need to be extracted when no other treatments can be done to save them.

Tooth Decay – Damaged or decayed teeth can be saved if they are treated before the situation can worsen. However, if the decay becomes substantial that no other dental treatments can save it, a tooth extraction may be the last course of action to stop the pain and discomfort of a decayed tooth.

Accident or Injury (trauma to the face or mouth area) – Trauma to the face or mouth area can cause a tooth to be knocked out, as is the case with sports injuries. A strong blow to the mouth or facial area can knock a tooth (or several teeth) from its socket, resulting to tooth loss.

Neglected oral health (due to embarrassment/fear of seeing the dentist) – Nervous patients may find it challenging to go to the dentist for regular dental checkup. This anxiety may be because of a fear of the dentist himself, nervousness about the treatment, or embarrassment about existing oral health condition/problems. It can be difficult for an anxious patient to let the dentist see the inside of his or her mouth for fear of being judged. These concerns can result to neglected oral health, without the benefits of regular dental checkups.

Are you an anxious patient? New Kings Road Dental Practice is highly-experienced in helping phobic and nervous patients. Please call us so we can tell you how we can give you a more comfortable, relaxing dental experience

Missing Teeth Scenarios & Dental Implant Solutions

Are you suffering from tooth loss? Dental implants offer long-term, reliable missing teeth solutions to bring back your healthy smiles

One Missing Tooth – A single missing tooth can still affect the proper function and appearance of your smile. That single lost tooth can still make your smile look incomplete, especially if the space created is located in a visible area of your mouth. This single tooth loss problem can be solved with a dental implant attached to a dental crown.

You can solve tooth loss within one day! A Same Day Teeth implant treatment completes your smile after just one dental appointment with NKRD

Few Missing Teeth – When several of your teeth go missing, you will feel a bigger impact on the way your smile looks and functions. The bigger gap created by multiple tooth loss can be closed by a dental bridge attached to dental implants. If the lost teeth are located in different parts of the mouth, the gaps can be closed by implants and dental crowns.

All Teeth Missing – Losing all your teeth will have a significant impact on your life. You can have dentures to replace all the teeth you have lost; however, removable dentures can cause more problems with long-term use. The comfortable fit of dentures will eventually loosen, especially with the onset of jawbone thinning. Implant-stabilised dentures offer more comfortable, longer-lasting missing teeth solutions compared to conventional removable dentures.