NKRD Offers Nervous Patient Care Options to Help You Deal with Dental Phobia

Nervous Patient Dentist in West London. Nervous patient care options for those with Dental Phobia. “We love new patients, especially nervous ones!”

  1. Dental phobias affect countless patients worldwide.
  2. Dental fear is a leading cause for neglected or poor oral health.
  3. Phobias can be triggered by the fear of pain, fear of dentists, embarrassment, and other factors.

Dr Amin OmidiAre you afraid of going to the dentist, or of dental treatments?

Do you avoid dental checkups because of the anxiety you feel when inside the dental clinic?

Dr Amin and his Team at New Kings Road Dental Practice understands your concerns and have been looking after nervous patients for many years. 

We want to help you deal with your fear so please call us now and allow us to give you some options that can turn your dental experience into a more positive one.

Dental fear should not just be ignored and dismissed as something entirely in the mind of a nervous patient. This fear is a significant factor that leads to poor oral health, as an anxious patient may do whatever it takes to avoid seeing a dentist. The most common causes of dental anxiety include fear of pain, fear of the dental drill, fear of the dentist, and fear of needles.

New Kings Road Dental understands how difficult it is for patients with dental phobia to feel relaxed in the clinic, so we offer several nervous patient care options to help you have a more comfortable experience before, during, and after your dental treatment.

Nervous patient care methods are designed to help you achieve a more relaxed state of mind

New Kings Road Dental Practice offers several nervous dental-patient care options to help bring comfort to dental phobia patients in the London, Fulham, Chelsea, Earls Court, West London, Hammersmith, New Kings Road, and SW6 areas. With conscious sedation, a sedative is administered intravenously to bring you to a calm state of mind, so you will not feel fear throughout the dental treatment. As the name suggests, you will remain conscious with this type of sedation but your mind will not remember any uncomfortable parts of the procedure. Distraction techniques can be used to take your mind off the upcoming treatment and to avoid triggering an anxiety attack, while dental hypnosis does the same prevention of a panic attack by making you feel deeply calm and relaxed.

The Reality of Dental Phobias

Dental phobias are real, and affect countless people worldwide. This fear is not something to be taken lightly, as the anxiety that a phobic patient feels can lead to severe panic attacks that can leave one traumatised. Dental fear is a leading cause of neglected oral health – a nervous patient is more likely to stop going to dental clinics and regular checkups if only to avoid the paralysing fear that these places and situations can trigger.

Where do Dental Phobias Come From?

Here are some of the most common things that can cause or trigger dental fear:

  • Fear of Pain – The anxiety about experiencing something painful is a leading cause of dental phobia. The idea of willingly going through something that causes pain can trigger a panic attack – even more so if the specific pain (from a dental treatment) has previously been experienced.
  • Fear of Dentists – Previous bad experiences with an uncaring or insensitive dentist can lead to a fear of dentists in general. Even the idea of going to a new dentist can instill fear on a nervous patient.
  • Embarrassment – When oral health is neglected, it shows in the condition of the teeth. A person who knows his or her teeth are in bad condition may feel anxious about going for a dental checkup or a treatment, because of the embarrassment of not having taken good care of his or her oral health.
  • Fear of Needles – If you are afraid of needles or injections, you may find it very difficult to go through a dental treatment when you know that the anaesthetic will be administered through an injection.
  • Fear of the Dental Drill – The sound of the dental drill can be bothersome for some people, and can trigger an anxiety attack.

Nervous Patient Care Options

You can have a more comfortable dental experience even if you are a nervous patient. Here are some ways to deal with dental phobias, so you can go through the dental treatment in a more relaxed manner.

  • Distraction – A distraction can catch your attention so you can focus on something other than what you think may trigger your phobia. Some of things used for distraction techniques in dental clinics include music, watching DVDs or movies, or body relaxation exercises.
  • Dental Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy can be used to help you reach a relaxed state of mind, so you will not have to worry about the upcoming treatment and your fear triggers.
  • Conscious Sedation – Conscious sedation is offered at NKRD to help you have a more comfortable treatment experience. A sedative is administered intravenously, and will place you in a calm, completely relaxed state so you will not feel afraid throughout the treatment. You will remain conscious under IV sedation, and you will still be able to understand the dentist’s instructions and requests. Afterwards, you will not remember any unpleasant parts of the procedure.