Cranky about your crooked teeth? Orthodontics at New Kings Road Dental Practice will effectively straighten your teeth to give you confidently straighter smiles.
Straighter Teeth, More Beautiful Smiles with Orthodontics

Outstanding Orthodontic Treatment by Experienced Orthodontists for those in and around the areas of Fulham, Chelsea, Earls Court, Hammersmith, New Kings Road, SW6 and West London.

  1. Orthodontics move crooked teeth into a straighter position.
  2. Teeth straightening provide significant improvements to the appearance of a smile.
  3. Orthodontic braces solve problems with crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, or unevenly-spaced teeth.
  4. Teeth grinding, bruxism, and jaw joint problems can also be improved on with orthodontics.
  5. Invisible adult orthodontics offer discreet teeth straightening solutions.
  6. Improved teeth function can also be achieved with the help of orthodontic treatments.
  7. Discreet adult orthodontics let you straighten your teeth without the embarrassment.

Orthodontic treatment (Dental Braces) solves problems concerning the misalignment or crookedness of the teeth. Orthodontics moves the teeth into a straighter position to make your smile look more beautiful with evenly-spaced teeth, giving you a powerful confidence boost.

New Kings Road Dental Clinic offers adult Orthodontics to discreetly straighten your teeth

Now you can have your teeth straightened without the unsightly, embarrassing metal parts! We offer discreet Adult Orthodontics in London and the surrounding Fulham, Chelsea, Earls Court, Hammersmith and West London areas. Our Brands include Invisalign Clear Braces, 3M Unitek, and Aligntech, with each treatment proven to give guaranteed Teeth Straightening results.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontic braces are used to solve the problems associated with teeth that are crooked, overlapping, or unevenly-spaced. This cosmetic dentistry treatment is also used to improve problems with malocclusion or an improper bite, and may also provide solutions to teeth grinding, bruxism, or jaw joint problems.
Straighter teeth result to more beautiful smiles. Call us now at NKRD to know more about our orthodontic treatment options

There are also cases when orthodontic treatments bring about functional improvements to the smile. Crooked, overlapping, or spaced teeth can cause problems with normal speech, and may be hard to clean properly. When these teeth alignment problems are solved, speaking clearly becomes easier to do; straighter teeth will also be much easier to clean, and good oral hygiene can be maintained in a more convenient way.

Not everyone wants to advertise their orthodontic treatments. Call us now at NKRD to find out more about our discreet teeth straightening options.

Do you want to have straighter teeth, but are worried about the visible metal parts inside your mouth? Are you interested in an orthodontic treatment that guarantees significant improvements in a discreet way? New Kings Road Dental Practice offers discreet adult orthodontic treatments from Aligntech, Invisalign, and 3M Unitek – all proven to give you the teeth straightening results you are looking for, without the embarrassment and discomfort of using conventional metal braces.

What are the Benefits of Orthodontics / Braces?

  • Improved Aesthetics – Your smile will look much more attractive after getting your teeth straightened through orthodontics. Say goodbye to unsightly crooked, spaced, or overlapping teeth!
  • Improved Speech – Improper teeth alignment can cause you to speak with a lisp, or with other speech difficulties. You will be able to speak more clearly when your teeth are perfectly-aligned and in a straighter position.
  • Better Oral Health – Overlapping or crooked teeth can be difficult to clean, increasing the risk for dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. Straighter teeth after an orthodontic treatment will be easier to clean, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Solution for Teeth Grinding/Jaw Pain – Teeth grinding may stem from improperly-aligned teeth. When the teeth come together incorrectly, the teeth and the jaws are exposed to unnecessary force with continuous teeth grinding. Orthodontics moves the teeth into better alignment and improves the way the teeth come together, eliminating teeth grinding problems.
  • Confidence-Building – Straighter teeth will give you the confidence to flash wide smiles whenever you wish to do so. You can also be more confident in dealing with people in any given situation, when you know that you don’t have to worry about crooked teeth.

How do Orthodontic Braces Work?

  • Orthodontic braces work by moving the teeth into a straighter, more properly aligned position. Depending on the orthodontic system used, the treatment period can be completed from a few months, to a few years.
  • Conventional Metal Braces – This orthodontic option uses metal wires and brackets that move by exerting force on the teeth, so they are moved into a straighter, better alignment.
  • The total treatment period will depend on the severity of the teeth misalignment and other factors, but it usually takes a few years for teeth to be moved into a straighter position.
  • Some people are not keen on having obvious metal wires and brackets on their teeth, which make them hesitant to go for orthodontic treatments. More discreet teeth orthodontic options are now available for those who wish to inconspicuously straighten their teeth.

Are you hesitant to go for an orthodontic treatment because you know you’ll be embarrassed with a mouth full of metal? You can now opt to have invisible braces for discreet teeth straightening.

  • Invisible Braces – These orthodontic systems are usually made up of clear aligners that are almost invisible to the naked eye to facilitate a discreet teeth straightening treatment.
  • The aligners are easily removable for added convenience, making it much easier to maintain good oral hygiene during the orthodontic treatment period, since the aligners can be removed before eating and before brushing the teeth.
  • The aligners used in invisible braces systems are made of a smooth plastic material that feels very comfortable inside the mouth – no more discomfort caused by metal wires and brackets (used in conventional braces systems) that can cut the soft inner mouth tissue and the tongue.
  • Gentle forces are usually used in invisible braces for even more comfort while the teeth are being gradually moved into a straighter position.
  • Fewer dental visits are needed when using invisible braces or aligner treatment compared to other orthodontic options, so you can free up your schedule for other activities besides having your braces checked.