Spread the Cost of Payments with 0% and
Low Cost Payment Plans (finance)

We now offer bespoke dental plans to spread the cost of your treatments over the course of a few months.
You can enjoy the freedom of tracking your treatment schedule and making recurring payments online
with your own personalised login details, plus the complete convenience of making online payments via PayPal.

We offer flexible 0% Finance plans for treatments over £500 and up to 3 years.
We also offer Low Cost Finance packages to give you peace of mind when it comes to managing your dental treatment cost.

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Exclusively at New Kings Road Dental Practice
Monthly Dental Plans, for individuals and families.
Giving you complete peace of mind on your dental needs.
From Just £25.00 a Month

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We guarantee total transparency for treatment costs.

You don’t have to worry about sudden changes, extra or hidden charges, or unexpected fees. We know surprises are mostly welcome – but not if they involve treatment fees!

Examinations & Consultations Hygiene for Adults & Children (direct access appointments available) 
New patient Examination£120.00Hygiene for Adults
Routine Examination£65.00Hygienist Adult Appointment£90.00
Periodontal (Gum) Assessment£150.00Hygienist Intensive£125.00
X-rays£20.00Hygiene with Air-flow Stain Removal£145.00
Emergency Appointments£90.00Hygiene - DIRECT ACCESS for Adults
(No Need to See a Dentist) - 30 mins
Dental Implant Consultation £125.00Hygiene for Children
Cosmetic Dentistry / Smile Makeover Consultation £125.000-6 Years£35.00
Children's Appointments7-15 Years£45.00
Children's New patient Consultation£35.0016 years +£60.00
Hygiene - DIRECT ACCESS for Children
(No Need to See a Dentist) - 30 mins

Teeth Whitening & White Fillings Crowns & Veneers 
Teeth Whitening (Home Kit Only)£399.00Crowns (All Porcelain/Zirconia/Gold) - from£895.00
Teeth Whitening (Top-up Gels)£35.00Veneers: Empress direct (non-invasive) £235.00
White Composite Fillings - from£175.00Veneers: Durathin (Minimal or no preparation) - from£525.00
Direct composite Onlays£280.00Veneers: Emax (some minimal preparation) - from£895.00
Porcelain Onlays (All Porcelain/Zirconia/Gold) - from£895.00Bridge (Bonded per unit) - from£895.00
Inlays (All Porcelain/Zirconia/Gold) - from£895.00

Orthodontic Braces Dental Implants 
Orthodontic Consultation£125.00Dental Implant Consultation Fee£125.00
Metal Fixed brackets - from£2950.00Periodontal (Gum) Assessment & Treatment Plan£150.00
Ceramic (Tooth coloured) brackets - from£3950.00Dental Implant£2,000.00
Lingual (Hidden) braces - from£5950.00Implant Crown£1,000.00
Removable Aligners/ Invisalign - from £3950.00Same Day / Full Mouth Bridge Implants (All-on-4 Technique) - Per Jaw - from£15,000.00

Other Root Canal Treatment 
Dentures - from£600.00Root Canal Treatment from£375.00
Extractions - from£100.00Re-RCT - Additional£150.00
Dentomycin periodontal gel (gum treatment - per visit)£145.00

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At NKRD we tailor the Smile Makeover Package around you. A complete price with options to spread your payment over months or years.

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Monthly Plans, for individuals and families. Giving you complete peace of mind on your dental needs. From Just £25.00 a Month
See What´s Included>